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How we are working with COVID-19

Six are committed to caring for the culture, health and wellbeing of our employees, clients and partners. As local and wider conditions continue to change, we will continue to respond proactively and responsibly to Government guidance as it evolves. We have a taskforce that oversees our risk management policy and continuous consultation with employees for whom we have produced a COVID-19 guide that addresses working safely, both in the office environment and remotely.

There are three key considerations:

  • Colleague welfare and the working environment – hygiene, distance, protocol, travel and working practices
  • Community Interactions – meetings and relationship management.
  • Business Continuity - systems and ways of working. We are set up to provide a seamless and secure experience for our clients.

We continue to monitor the situation and provide timely updates to our colleagues when needed.

If you would like more information on our current working practices, please contact


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