A guide to eConferences and online meetings

The new world we find ourselves in requires us to change a lot of habits, and fast. This is particularly true of business. As more and more workers sequester themselves at home, there is a lot of focus on remote working and how we can all continue to do our jobs from a distance.

With social distancing and lockdowns in place in many countries, going ahead with face-to-face meetings, conferences and events is no longer possible for the foreseeable future.

But there’s no need to give up. eConferences and online meetings have been happening since well before 2020, and it’s getting more and more straightforward to set up one of your own.

Curious to find out what the realities – both benefits and limitations – are when it comes to running an event online? Download our guide to eConferences and eMeetings, and get in touch with any advice or suggestions of your own for how to run a great virtual event. 

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