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Lloyds Bank UK Consumer Digital Index

Account Manager Jack Ewing describes how we delivered the 6th edition of the Lloyds UK Consumer Digital Index.

Jack Ewing chats all things digital, as he recalls working on the Lloyds Bank UK Consumer Digital Index for his 4th consecutive year.

"We were incredibly proud to see the successful launch of another Lloyds Bank UK Consumer Digital Index on Friday 14th May – this 2021 report being the 6th edition!"

The Consumer Digital Index is the UK’s largest study of digital and financial lives and provides a snapshot of just how digital the UK is, as well as how this impacts people’s lives, jobs and wellbeing. You can check it all out and download the full report here: 

Lloyds Bank Consumer Digital Index

"It highlights not only the positive impact tech and digital skills are having on people’s lives, but also provides insight into the areas where there is still work to be done, to ensure no one is left behind in an ever-changing digital world. 

After a year like no other, the 2020 lockdown effectively created a ‘digital jump forward’ – based on 2020 data, we are now at 2025 levels of UK digital engagement. Five years’ worth of progress in the last 12 months, with 1.5 million more people now online – but it’s really important to ensure this upward trajectory is maintained. The report looks at how we might be able to sustain this growth, providing guidance on how people find it easiest to learn digital skills or what would motivate them to do more in the future.

Whilst it was great to see some positives come from people adopting tech during the pandemic, there’s also still 2.6 million people who are offline and therefore remain locked out after lockdown. That’s 2.6 million people who were digitally excluded, during a difficult year of potentially being physically and socially isolated, with no means of connecting with others. So there is still a lot that can be done to help.


We have really enjoyed creating this report for another year and we hope the Responsible Transformation team at Lloyds, along with the vast numbers of partners also working to continuously reduce the digital divide, keep up the amazing work."


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