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The story behind the letter

A couple of weeks ago a letter landed on our doorstep. We didn’t know who it had come from, but we knew it was something special. Here’s the story...

Dear Santa, 

I know it's a busy time of year, but I have something really important I want to share. 

I am a survivor of modern slavery. 

Back in June 2018, I started attending Sophie Hayes Foundation workshops. They help women like me to learn and build professional skills, leading to employment and sustainable freedom. 

I've always been interested in fashion so my coach helped me develop my CV and I was invited to an interview at Beulah, a small fashion house in London. They offered me a six week placement where I worked one day a week – I couldn’t believe it!  

Throughout my placement I shadowed various departments and learnt about production, fabrics, sizing and orders. I even got to help on a photoshoot! Every time I went there, I was so excited about what I could learn. The opportunity with Beulah was a truly life-changing experience. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. 

This Christmas, I have just one wish: that more survivors like me are given the chance to find sustainable freedom. Every business, however big or small, has something valuable to offer – from skills to placements to internships. Whatever support they can give, it has the power to change lives. I’m proof of it! 

So if you know any organisations that could help, please can you forward them my letter? 

With love, 


The Christmas campaign 

We knew it wasn’t a coincidence we’d received this letter. Our ongoing partnership with Sophie Hayes Foundation has been an important part of our business for the past two years. But this letter felt different. For a start, it had come from Santa(!). But beyond that, we knew we were being asked to use our platform to create awareness of this incredible organisation. So we decided to build our Six Christmas campaign around Angin’s powerful letter, and sent it on to all our wonderful clients in the hope they could help. 

The partnership 

A spark is a powerful thing. If treated correctly, it has the ability to reignite a future. This Christmas, we’re asking businesses big and small to consider a partnership with Sophie Hayes Foundation. This could be through practical support, training or even work placements. And this partnership won’t just help survivors of modern slavery find sustainable freedom, it will benefit your business too. Is this something you can help with? 

Get in contact with Charlotte Vale, Head of Business Partnerships, at Sophie Hayes Foundation at, or find out more on their website.

A message from Ruth, Partner

I’ve seen first-hand how Sophie Hayes Foundation have quite literally changed lives and businesses for the better. When talking to both sides, you realise it’s more than just offering placements or work experience. Sophie Hayes Foundation guide businesses through the process, often able to advise on other areas of modern slavery. The partnerships in place have the ability to raise the bar and help women of all ages and backgrounds to live a life of freedom. And this value is incredibly important to us at Six.  

Thank you to all our team for making this partnership happen. 


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