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Digital shifts: staying at the cutting edge in the B2B sector

In marketing, staying on top of digital shifts isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. That’s why Jack Tomkins, our Research and Account Executive, attended the B2B Marketing Expo, an event that aims to emphasise the role of technology in enhancing B2B marketing.

The event showcased the latest industry trends and insights from leading marketing experts. From the role of AI to the need for better content, Jack outlines his key takeaways below.

Make your content innovative

We're witnessing a decline in attention spans, especially among Gen Z, who lose interest in ads within a mere 1.3 seconds—the quickest for any age group.

Crucially, many organisations are abandoning traditional channels, with digital ads projected to claim over 66% of global advertising spend in 2023. As a result, space on digital platforms, like social media, is diminishing. Now more than ever, attention must be earned.

Organisations are urged to explore innovative approaches to engage audiences, making content more personalised and interactive.

Embrace generative AI

Generative AI took centre stage, reflecting its growing importance across industries.

Amid market concerns about AI developments, speakers underscored the protective role, emphasising the beneficial relationship between AI and human marketers.

The consensus was clear: AI should be embraced as a tool to alleviate the workload of marketing and sales teams, while preserving and empowering human creativity.

Use AI to be more human

In a world increasingly dominated by AI and digital technologies, the B2B Marketing Expo reinforced the importance of maintaining a human-centric approach.

As industries grapple with challenges and opportunities, the event emphasised that technology should augment, not replace, the human touch in marketing.

Strategies such as communicating with individuals, crafting personalised experiences, and prioritising the person over the job role were identified as crucial.

Balancing innovation with the preservation of the human touch emerged as a guiding principle for the future of B2B marketing.

At Six, we help brands be more human.

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