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Is your EVP helping you to weather the great resignation storm?

Our Partner, Ruth Clarke, discusses the future of work trends you need to keep in mind, and how a cultural ‘north star’ can take your business further.

We often hear organisations asking themselves (and us) big questions about their people strategy: How do we foster a more creative, inclusive, and innovative environment? How do we transform our culture to become more digitally enabled? How do we connect the diverse roles and regions in our business? How do we empower our employees to live and breathe our values?

It’s not just these changes that are affecting the future of work. Employee expectations have rapidly shifted, too. Engagement is now crucial for helping ease the changing work environment. Increasing trust in both the business and its leadership plays a huge role in overall business performance. We wholeheartedly believe in building your EVP starting with your people but we also, always, have an eye on the bigger work trends pictures. 

Future of work trends

According to a recent Gartner future of work report, there are four key areas organisations should be focusing on when it comes to their employees:

  1. Employer brand - Emphasis on employer value proposition (EVP) post-pandemic has risen tremendously – we’ve always been a fan! Nowadays, candidates want more than a job. They want a sense of purpose in their work and pride in their organisation – to feel like they belong. Culture is so meaningful that 33% of C-suite-level candidates said they would take a pay cut to work for a mission-driven company that aligns with their ideals. That means communicating and showing a clear and accurate sense of your culture to outsiders is key, simply telling people about it is not enough anymore.
  2. Skills and development - The value placed on keeping ahead of the game is significant – 37% of candidates are willing to take a pay cut for a chance to learn new skills. The same percentage said they see upskilling opportunities as the most important factor when deciding on a new job, after salary and benefits. Job seekers are willing to trade an average of 11.7% of their salary for training and flexibility. And this figure rises to 12.4% among those who work in fields like technology.
  3. Diversity and inclusion - 62% of job seekers said they are more likely to apply for a job where a company is openly committed to improving diversity and inclusion in their workforce. A healthy culture needs people with an open and adaptable mindset to both respond to change and drive innovation. Companies doing this well have a dedicated team to promote their culture and place more emphasis on it throughout the recruitment process. Our tip: make sure you do what you say you are doing.
  4. Wellbeing and flexibility - Post-pandemic there is more focus on the needs and health of our people. Employee experience needs to account for personal factors and be an advocate for physical and mental wellbeing benefits. PWC report 51% would forgo higher salaries for more flexibility – this is higher for women and long-serving employees.   

Defining your employee value proposition

So why is an EVP so valuable in answering these big questions? Because it gives your people a clear cultural ‘north star’ to buy into. Your EVP is as important as your customer proposition, It’s a single phrase or sentence that articulates your business offering and it must work hard for both new and existing employees.

When defining your EVP, it also needs to resonate with the business’s overall strategy and goals. It’s a blueprint for your values and behaviours, as well as HR policies. In this age of constant change, an EVP helps people feel connected to their work and excited about what’s to come. Because they’ll feel confident that when change comes, they are an important part of it.

We can help

Creating a great employee experience and a thriving internal culture can help you attract top-tier candidates, communicate more effectively to your audiences, and build a more resilient business.

The importance of transforming cultures and empowering your people is something I could chat about all day long! If you’d like a no-obligation chat about how we can help define and improve your employee experience then drop me a line at


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