Pride Month 2021 – shining the light

June is Pride month, and this year we wanted to put the spotlight on what other brands have accomplished in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Here are 4 brands which have completely taken our breath away.

There have been some really powerful campaigns for pride. And some that haven't quite made the same impact. So, we're using our voice to highlight the brands that have put pride at the heart of their purpose; who have chosen to tie their outward communications with their internal actions, values and beliefs. Showing support is much more than putting together a jumble of words on a screen. It's an endeavour: it's what you do to make the change.

1. Absolut Vodka

As a brand, Absolut is pretty unbeatable in terms of their dedication and commitment to Pride. Supporting this cause since 1981, it's safe to say, they are Absolut-ely not jumping on the 'woke' bandwagon. We're still in love with their Equal Love campaign from 2017. It's a unique, quirky and unexpected take on love and relationships, which doesn't feed into stereotypes. Leveraging humour and light-heartedness, the advert achieves a sense of unanimous love. Watch it here.

Absolut, Equal Love, Pride campaign 2020

Last year, Absolut continued their legacy by wrapping two London buses in Pride colours. What's more, each seat had a contactless payment feature on the back, making it as simple as a quick tap to donate to Stonewall - their charity partner. Of course, their products reflect this too. Their iconic Pride bottles have been produced and co-designed with Gilbert Baker since 2008.

Source: Pixartprinting. Absolut bus campaign, created with Posterscope and Havas Media.

2. Pflag Canada

Destination Pride was ideated with partners FCB/SIX. They built a search engine, which highlights LGBTQ+ laws, rights, statistics and social acceptance country-by-country. And the results are shown through a Pride flag style bar graph! is available globally and provides accurate and up-to-date demographics on LGBT laws.

This campaign goes so much deeper than simply producing and selling a product with a Pride flag on it - which a lot of brands do. It's a tool to help educate people around the world. And it's very enlightening. That's how you help make a difference. Check out the case study here.

3. Mastercard

In 2019, Mastercard partnered with New York City Commission on Human Rights, making a permanent change to New York City streets. Curious? Watch how they enabled change with the Human Rights Commission.

They haven't just renamed 10 different streets with LGBTQ+ in a historic landmark with a history of oppression, Mastercard also introduced their True Name card. With this, transgender and non-binary people can choose the name they identify the most with to put on their credit card. Again, a superb commitment to a cause, whereby beliefs translate into tangible actions and prospects. That's the purpose-led stuff we love to see.

4. Oreo

Oreo haven't historically been committed to Pride through their values and beliefs as much as other brands. However, we couldn't help but fall in love with their 2019 Proud Parent campaign, which seemed to touch a lot of hearts. Midweight Copywriter, Abi Hack, said:

It's an emotional exploration into the importance of family and acceptance. This ad is simple yet incredibly moving in its portrayal of parent-child relationships within the LGBTQ+ community.

I completely bought into the storyline of this advert, and believed the family dynamic entirely. It's relatable, it's real and it gives hope. It's also heartwarming to know that alongside this, Oreo gave away 10,000 packs of limited edition rainbow cookies in partnership with PFLAG. I hope this isn't a one-off and Oreo continue to do great things in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

There are loads of other campaigns which are well worth watching. Nike's Be True campaign created with Wieden+Kennedy reflects their legacy and commitment to this cause - and their adverts that seriously deliver greatness every time.

What are your thoughts? Get in touch and tell us your favourite Pride campaigns.

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