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Putting the boot in Putin

Somewhere, no doubt, there will be an algorithm that computes at what point your average regional existential crisis becomes yesterday’s news (subject, of course, to your own proximity to said region). This law of diminishing returns will be further tuned and refined by all kinds of other influences – not least our planet’s capacity to introduce rival, equally catastrophic threats to world stability that vie for our saturated attention.

At Six we are fortunate (almost certainly not the right word) that the risk of Ukraine fatigue is fiercely defended by Yuliia Boiadzhian - our Finance and Marketing Co-ordinator. Yuliia has been a constant and dynamic force in keeping this strategic war crime alive in the minds of her colleagues who are, as a result, better informed and closer to the horrors of Putin’s invasion than many.

Few would doubt that any religious and geopolitical chaos can be more turbulent, complex and divisive than what we are witnessing in the Middle East. And although there is clear evidence of outright barbarity both sides of the Gaza wall, only the same few would fail to empathise with the less radical requests from two implacable adversaries. And so, to offer a single unified voice that represents the collective views of our (or any) organisation on this is nigh on impossible – pity Keir Starmer.

But 1,500 miles due North, on the other side of the Black Sea, things are different. Here, we have no problem with our single unified voice. We have no problem in saying that Putin is the worst kind of narcissistic monster or that his totalitarian, fanatical offensive is utterly inexcusable. And hey – let’s not pretend we’re not more than a bit scared that it just might end in apocalyptic war games.

Would we be as enthusiastic about fending off the fatigue if Yuliia wasn’t a Sixer. Possibly not. But she is, and we are very proud to keep standing, not just by her, but by her brave and beleaguered nation.

Russia’s attack has been unrelenting for over a year and a half. In that time, tens of thousands of lives have been lost. We’d really appreciate it if you could watch Yuliia’s video and donate to support Ukraine.

In her own words – Remember the Dead and those who will give their lives during the war.


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