Six//66 – on the move for mental health

This July, #ActiveSixers are taking on Route 66. We’re going to run, cycle, hop, skip and jump the 2,400 miles to raise money and awareness for Bristol Mind, Six’s charity partner.

Over the course of our lives, one in four of us will need help with mental illness.

But mental health – that’s something that concerns us all at every stage of our lives. 

This is something we take seriously at Six, so to improve the mental wellbeing of all our employees we introduced Active Teams

So, what is Active Teams? It's a website which links to Strava, allowing you to create your own 'club' within the app. Naturally, we called ours 'Active Sixers', using the internal membership to help our staff lead happier, healthier and more productive lives.

The link between physical and mental health has been proven by the NHS and as a responsible employer, we feel a corporate and social duty to help alleviate the damaging impact of poor physical and mental states on overall health and happiness.

Here’s the good news: we’ve realised there’s an opportunity for us to take care of our own mental health and help those who are struggling with mental illness at the same time!

Using Active Teams, we’re going to use physical activity – one of the best ways to boost mental health – to raise awareness, money and support for Bristol Mind.

So, to raise money and awareness, we’ve set ourselves a challenge. We’re going to run, cycle, swim, surf, skateboard, and anything else we can think of for the length of Route 66. That’s 3,940km in total.

It has to be Route 66. We’re Six, after all.

It might be virtual, but as an agency we're going to take this distance by storm over the course of July!

If you want to see blood, sweat and tears from Sixers giving it their all for mental health this month, make sure to follow us on our social media accounts, where you'll see our progress.

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