Take pride in your pride

Amy looks into authenticity behind brands and their values

More brands than ever are showing their support for the LBGTQ community, particularly by changing their logos to rainbow colours. This shows the progress and acceptance that the community has achieved. But with these branded shows of support, the authenticity and motives behind the action are being called into question.

The LGBTQ+ community is still fighting to obtain human rights and equal treatment under the law. Raising awareness is fantastic, but what about genuine action and support? How can we actually make a difference?

If a brand chooses to celebrate a moment in time, whether it’s Pride or something else, that’s great. However, I believe there is a need to continue that narrative, connect with your consumers beyond that single moment and create real impact. Otherwise, the consumer can see through a campaign as being simply an opportunity for commercial gain, not a true belief in the cause.

With examples of both genuine commitment and clearly inauthentic trend-following abounding in the world, consumers are savvier than ever and able to see through anything that rings false. 

“Personally, the glut of Pride products has me in a permanent toss-up between feeling patronised and jaded” – Eleanor Margolis

Against this backdrop, brands need to start examining their motives behind ‘going rainbow’, because they are dangerously close to alienating the people we’re all trying to support in the first place. 

We’ve decided for this year’s pride not to update the colours of our logo. This is absolutely not for lack of support for the LGBTQ+ community, nor in any sort of protest towards the actions of other brands – it’s not for us to dictate what anybody else chooses to do. Instead, we are using this opportunity to listen harder than ever to the very people in our own community who require our support, and exploring ways to help them drive the real positive social change that the world still badly needs. 

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