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The power of brand culture

Purpose. It’s what separates humans from the apes. Leaders from followers. The brand you could have bought from the one you actually did. As purpose-driven brands continue to rise and thrive, it’s easy to miss the story hidden behind the headlines.

All this change is having an impact on the way organisations are structured. The focus on purpose has shifted the centre of gravity. It’s forcing together teams who have traditionally stayed apart. And that collision of worlds is throwing up new challenges – ones that don’t fit the traditional agency mould.

The solution? It’s time for agencies to change too.

Purpose is baked into our being. We’ve known for many years just how important is to business. So we began adapting a long time ago.

Now, to prove it, we’ve unveiled our offering as Six – the Brand Culture Studio.

What does the brand culture studio do? 

Everything a traditional agency would do, then a whole lot more.

Our focus is helping brands identify their purpose and figure out how to live it. This is a challenge it’s nigh-on impossible to achieve from inside an organisation. You need someone who can come in from the outside and hold a mirror up to your innermost workings. Who can make the connections nobody on the inside could.

 “I’ve always thought Marketing can learn a lot from HR about empathy, altruism, and behaviours. In return, HR can learn a lot about creativity and communication. As a trusted creative partner, our role is to help our clients bridge that gap.” – Ruth Clarke, Deputy Managing Director, Six  

We sit in the middle of your departments, getting to know every inch of your organisation, so we can help you figure out your North Star.

And when we’ve done that, we help you reach it. 

What is brand culture?

We see brand culture as the next step in the evolution of brand theory. It’s the fusion of external brand with internal culture.   

By giving leaders a single strategic playbook to work from, thinking and behaviour across an organisation becomes more joined-up. Efficiency increases. Mindsets shift.  

And through it all, businesses can continue to deliver the kind of meaningful, authentic actions people expect. 

Does it work? 

Our clients think so. Their customers and employees seem to agree.

The kind of businesses we attract are those who feel like they have a purpose, but can’t quite put their fingers on what it is. Businesses that are ready to transform their internal culture. Businesses who want to create a change for their people, their audiences and often in the world.

And when we work with our clients, they quickly find out that we genuinely care. A trusted partner who becomes the go-to for bouncing around new ideas or consulting on a business problem.

Everything we do, we do with our own unique culture and purpose in mind.   

Where can I learn more? 

We’re only scratching the very surface of brand culture here. There’s much more to say.  

So much more, in fact, we’ve written a whitepaper about it.  

Inside, we explore both our own ethos and why now, more than ever, purpose is the key to making brands bigger, better and bolder.


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