Time for a change – look after your mental health

Our stance on Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Good mental health at work and good management go hand in hand. In our business, we all play our part.

No one should have to face any kind of mental health problem alone. As a responsible employer, we get to know our people very well – but of course there are boundaries. Our main responsibility is to stay connected to our people by providing as much support and advice as we can. It’s also to create a safe and confidential environment where anything can be openly discussed. And, as it’s a proven fact that job satisfaction is highly beneficial to your mental health, our priority is for everyone to create a fulfilling role for themselves. And it’s good for business too - by addressing wellbeing at work it increases productivity by as much as 12%!

I’m going to avoid talking about the pandemic as much as possible, but it is difficult! However, just two words might help in summary:

*Emotional rollercoaster*

As we make the transition to yet another change in working practices, the long-term future of work is still up for debate. Essentially, the ‘P’ word has shifted everyone’s perspective and the demand for change has made us analyse how we deal with adversity and stay in control. In a nutshell, here are the key changes which we have adopted this year to help our Sixers:

  1. Shifts in how we manage. By removing annual appraisals and introducing continuous conversations around personal development, it means we can also stay connected to ambitions, growth, concerns and focus on role fulfilment and reaching our potential.
  2. A focus on looking after ourselves. Launching our SWELL initiatives to help put a spotlight on different wellbeing themes. From financial support to longer lunch breaks.
  3. Bringing inclusivity. We have established the DE&I team and have invested in professional accreditation for essential Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training and the Tech Talent Charter Membership.
  4. Outside in. Encouraging everyone to take a regular volunteering day and a chance to give back.
  5. Raising awareness in the community. By becoming a corporate partner with Bristol Mind, we pledge to change perceptions on mental health.
  6. Being there for each other. Appointing two qualified mental health first aiders within the agency to help us continue to improve and listen.

Finally, we really want to encourage everyone to get moving. We’ve teamed up with Active Teams to help keep us physically and mentally fit. Believe us, you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete! What truly matters is any kind of movement that will help you meet the NHS recommended 150 active minutes every week. So, please join us in our 10 minutes more campaign. Whether that's 10 minutes of extra breathing space, 10 minutes of increased active minutes, or 10 minutes more of catching up with a colleague. Join us as we fight for change in mental health.

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