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Capturing the Imagination: Interning as a 3D Designer at Six

I came into 3D after switching from a different profession. I started my 3D journey with architectural visualisation – with exact blueprints and sympathetic shapes, it’s a good starting point. Having built up a portfolio, I thought working with design professionals and through an efficient work pipeline would be the perfect next stage for my development.

Jumping into the world of design opened up a world of abstraction and versatility. Having the opportunity to capture this allowed me to explore new tools and methods of creation. 3D whizz, David Webb’s mentoring gave me the support and reference I needed to bring re-brands to life and capture futuristic, underwater living visualisations. This really served as a gateway to a whole new world of possibilities. It fuelled my imagination, teaching me the capabilities and potential of 3D, and creating the opportunity to explore the realms of 3D with a long leash as well as opening my eyes to VR and AR, areas which I had previously overlooked. I now realise their potential.

Such an intense/intensely stimulating period of learning and work has really captured my imagination and inspired me to push forward and innovate to the best of my ability.

Having no prior experience of agency life, it was nothing but pleasant. The many different roles at Six didn’t stop the office from having a oneness. Everyone is interested in peoples’ skills and interests, creating an environment for people to show themselves, geek out and bring unique perspectives to the table. It allowed me to quickly understand how the company was structured, what roles people fulfilled and meet everyone.

Six frequently hosted weekly catch-ups and workshops to keep everyone informed on Six’s endeavours, past, present and future, to challenge your thinking and break up the week. It was a great environment in which to network, learn and grow and ultimately informed me as to where I wish to venture.

Having seized the opportunity to intern at Six, I leave feeling nurtured and confident about pursuing a career in 3D.

We're proud of our internship program at Six. For more information on how to apply, have a look at our careers page.


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