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Taking action on carbon footprints with bp Target Neutral

Client Partner Emma discusses awareness of carbon footprints moving forward

When it comes to the environment, it’s fair to say that most of us need to change our behaviour and reduce our carbon footprints. I know I certainly do. At the same time, whilst we make efforts to minimise our footprints, we all lead busy lives and can do with a helping hand to understand which parts of our lifestyles carry a high carbon footprint and what we can do about that. 

On the Six Product Team, we’ve spent the last year focused on creating products that make knowing and reducing our carbon footprints as easy as possible for both individuals and businesses. 

The last few months have been particularly exciting on that front, as we’ve celebrated not one, but two carbon calculator launches with the Product Owners at bp Target Neutral. 

Getting to net zero

Net Zero is the aim to completely reduce avoidable carbon emissions whilst balancing unavoidable carbon emissions through carbon offsetting. bp's net zero aim stretches far beyond their own supply chain. They want to make sure that all individuals and businesses have the ability to become carbon neutral. 

The aim of bp Target Neutral is to help businesses and individuals achieve carbon neutrality by understanding and reducing their carbon footprint. 

For businesses, bp Target Neutral helps them understand their carbon footprint, plan emissions reductions and then offset residual emissions to become carbon neutral.  For individuals, Target Neutral seek to help people take action on travel emissions by helping them footprint personal transport and flights. Once people understand their footprint they can consider ways to reduce and offset emissions.

How did Six get involved? 

bp Target Neutral had the vision to make calculating carbon emissions straightforward and accessible for everyone. What they needed was the team to break through the complexity and make it happen. 

Our approach was to create a series of digital carbon calculators that added up the emissions resulting from business’ or individual actions and presenting them clearly, broken down by sources. The person or business doing the calculating could then identify where they could reduce their emissions and use the online payment system to offset the emissions they couldn’t reduce.

Start your carbon offsetting journey at the touch of a button

The calculators

The B2B Carbon Neutral Portal takes organisations on a journey to become a Certified Carbon Neutral business. Businesses can follow clear steps to offset their emissions and enjoy support in building an action plan to reduce their future emissions.

The B2C Travel Carbon Calculator is, in many ways, more complex. It can be tailored by region and takes into consideration the local emission standards as part of the calculations.

Our bespoke API powers the calculations behind both calculators and has been built to allow bp to scale the offering in the future to facilitate other business requirements across bp. 

Six bring together sharp minds that start with a focus on customer needs and experience before any solutions get built. The final result is tested thoroughly and launched with ongoing support that really gives you confidence. Highly recommended

Daniel Davies
Target Neutral

Looking to the future

We’re excited to continue this journey with bp. We’re already working together to continue adding more functionality based on user and business needs, ensuring these products remain as easy to use as they are effective in driving positive change. 


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