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A vision a whole business could rally behind



Five years of change and acquisition meant BCA Marketplace plc (BCA) was crying out for a new brand framework. One that could make their organisational structure more transparent and provide a clear customer offering.


So how to simplify the user experience?

During the discovery phase, we had a lightbulb moment. What if everything was structured around needs, rather than products? Customers would find it much easier to access the information they were looking for – and the content would be much more relatable.


We dug deep to find the right path forward

To find out if structuring by need instead of product would work, we held workshops with 20 C-Suite stakeholders from the six main business areas at 10 regional BCA sites. This research helped us create clear brand drivers and a proposition for the business.


When the insight’s right, the results speak for themselves

The new brand positioning and creative articulation were developed into a series of guidelines and a re-launch video. They were shared with the senior leadership team, then with all staff members at the business’ annual conference to widespread acclaim.


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