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Helping people and businesses address their emissions with future-proof carbon calculators



To progress bp’s net zero ambitions and help achieve a more sustainable future, bp Target Neutral wanted to do more to help both customers and businesses better understand their carbon footprints. That didn’t just mean calculating carbon footprints – it meant breaking down where emissions were coming from, so we can all make informed decisions about how to reduce our impact on the environment.


With two different audiences came two different needs

We worked with bp Target Neutral to understand both their B2B and B2C customers. We’d need one calculator for each audience. Knowing that, we defined and developed two carbon calculators: a responsive travel carbon calculator, and a B2B tool focused initially on helping Castrol Dealerships become carbon neutral certified businesses.


We delivered a product that will continue to add value

So both calculators would stay relevant well into the future, we developed an API which allows bp to easily manage and update the emissions factors from one central location, housed within bp’s Navitas infrastructure. Other areas of bp can utilise the API too, empowering different areas of the business to make use of and adapt the carbon calculation functionality to their specific needs.


The carbon calculators have sparked meaningful conversations and real change

By enabling customers and businesses to understand more about their carbon footprints’, bp has made it accessible for everyone to address their own impact on the environment – and to start conversations with others. We all have a part to play in reducing carbon emissions – and the more we talk about it, the more we can reduce together.

Both calculators also contribute to bp’s ultimate ambition: to become a net-zero company – and the faster we work towards this, educate each other and embrace circular thinking, the sooner we can help create a more sustainable future.

Six bring together sharp minds that start with a focus on customer needs and experience before any solutions get built... The final result is tested thoroughly and launched with ongoing support that really gives you confidence. Highly recommended.

Daniel Davies
bp Target Neutral


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