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Designing the UK’s largest study of digital and financial lives

Lloyds Bank


Understanding the UK’s digital and financial landscape

The Consumer Digital Index is the UK’s largest measure of digital and financial lives. It analyses people’s behaviours and attitudes towards technology, online services and their financial wellbeing. We’ve been producing the report in partnership with Lloyds Bank since it was introduced in 2016. It’s a really valuable resource for lots of organisations, so it's important the report is engaging and easy to understand.


Creating a useable resource

The primary audience for the report is governments and businesses that can use its insights to shape strategies supporting people considered ‘digitally disadvantaged’. As a result, the indexes are used for a variety of purposes – from education curricula to employee training programmes – so they need to follow a compelling and visual narrative.


Turning dense data into dazzling design

Working collaboratively with Lloyds Bank, we followed a sprint-based process to gather raw data, key findings and valuable insight. Then, we translated the content into an interactive PDF with supporting digital assets, and optional printed collateral. The report is freely available for anyone, including industry partners, academics, think tanks and government, to help them create strategies to help people of the UK adjust to an increasingly digital world. 


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