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Castrol: MindSetGo
Castrol: MindSetGo
Castrol: MindSetGo

A behaviour change programme on a global scale

Castrol: MindSetGo


Castrol management had a new set of business mindsets they needed to implement. But they were functional and impersonal. What’s more, the Transformation team in charge of rolling them out was too small to offer the personal introduction we knew would be key.


It was time to figure out how to make the mindsets stick

Through a series of immersive, three-day workshops, we discovered the mindsets needed to be relatable and encouraging to drive the uptake desired. By transforming them into inspirational behaviours, we realised we could make them more accessible.


We gave employees the power and support to create change from within

We took the new inspirational behaviours and recruited volunteer Change Agents within Castrol. By equipping them with the knowledge and tools they needed, we made it possible to deliver the mindsets across the entire organisation despite the limitations on what the Transformation teams themselves could do.


It’s a win that has kept on giving, for us and for Castrol

The eye-catching and engaging assets we delivered under the name MindSetGo, with their cheerful illustration style, captured attention at Castrol. Thanks to our trained network of Change Agents, MindSetGo enjoyed excellent uptake across the organisation.

It’s been such a success, in fact, that we joined back up with the Castrol team to create a digital journal that offers further learning and support for Castrol employees.


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