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Balancing external branding with internal needs to empower employees



CFM’s workforce was finding it difficult to operate within a flat hierarchy. Management realised they needed a new internal visual identity and narrative to empower them. This identity and narrative would have to be distinct and recognisable, but still reflect their external brand.


We problem-solved with the problem-solvers

Spending time with CFM, we learned first-hand that they have an energetic, start-up mentality that oozes intelligence. They’re all about celebrating what makes them different – but recognising they’re all working in the same direction.

We knew we could help employees feel proud to be part of this community by articulating a new brand purpose and values.


Showing off their spark

Following in-depth research in partnership with CFM, we developed a new set of values and a creative identity built around a strapline, United by progress.

We identified CFM’s biggest strengths as their diversity and energy, so the visuals were bright, bold and easy to flex, with the employees themselves at the heart of the imagery.


An identity employees could identify with

To launch the new values and behaviours across the company, we delivered a full suite of assets including a branded Intranet, animated video, physical brand booklet, posters, and more.

They all showed off the distinct new visual identity – but still reflected CFM’s existing external brand. Together, they helped show employees what was expected of them, and what they could expect in return.


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