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Designing a user-first website for enfinium



Building awareness of the brand

Awareness around waste to energy is low and enfinium needed a website to inform and educate their visitors about who they are and what they do. They’d recently undergone a name change and rebrand, created by Six, where we delivered brand positioning, visual identity, their company values launch, activation (e.g. launch roadshows) and assets (e.g. signage, stationery etc). Now they needed a website to bring the new brand to life and help people understand the business’s positive impact on wider society.


Speaking to a varied audience

The website needed to be slick and easy to use for all of enfinium’s varied audiences, which include local communities, the government, investors, and employees. We went through a content mapping session to determine the audience needs, so we could be sure it acted as a valuable source of information for everybody. Ultimately, we found the site primarily needed to inform and educate people on the business, including its mission, vision, and values; and communicate the benefits of state-of- the-art waste to energy facilities.

Enfinium brand launch event
Enfinium brochure
Enfinium staff members in hi vis
Enfinium employee engagement posters


Using the double diamond

We broke down the project activities into our usual double diamond: discover, define, develop and deliver. By following this approach and working in sprints, we were able to produce a robust solution that answered both user and business needs.

Enfinium website shown on a laptop


Delivering a user-centric website

We used an iterative approach to delivery. In phase one, we launched a first version to put enfinium on the digital map. Then, in phase two, we developed additional pages and designed a complex filtering system for the existing news and insights pages. The end result was a simple, trustworthy and user-friendly website which showcases the business and its wider impact in a way that’s accessible for all audiences.

Enfinium website pages
Enfinium website design on mobile phones
Enfinium brand icon set
Enfinium brand launch event


An employee-first business with purpose

With a new name, brand and website, enfinium were ready to take on the waste to energy world. Clear and consistent messaging helped raise enfinium’s profile and increased engagement with employees and customers. And with regular road shows, they are well positioned to take their new look out into the world. 


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