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Taking an ESG report to new horizons



Striving for sustainable operations

Enfinium have a responsibility to their investors, government, customers and the wider community to communicate what they’re doing to meet the UK’s sustainability goals. After the success of last year’s ESG report, enfinium wanted us to create another report for April 2022 to April 2023, detailing their sustainability goals and the progress they’ve made towards them.


Exploring new horizons

This year enfinium re-positioned their brand from ‘waste to energy’ to ‘energy from waste’ to reflect how they are providing renewable energy across their fleets. And, in doing so, helping decarbonise the UK waste industry. 

As a result, they’ve split their business strategy and this year’s report into three parts:  

  1. Horizon 1 focuses on how they are driving sustainability at their operational facilities around the country.  
  2. Horizon 2 focuses on their sites currently under construction, as well as their investment and development in new technology, products and services. 
  3. Horizon 3 focuses on building the future of waste treatment for the Net Zero economy, like decarbonising their business and developing innovative energy solutions. 
An open book with a picture of a structure


Designing a people-focused report

We worked closely with the enfinium team to create an engaging ESG report which clearly shows enfinium’s progress towards their sustainability goals. The report uses imagery to hero people and the community, and includes graphics and data visualisation to bring key stats to life in an accessible way. We also included a new chapter about what enfinium are doing to transform and position themselves as leaders in the energy from waste industry. 

A group of people in the Enfinium report
A group of pages of the Enfinium report

Thank you to the team at Six for helping us create such a creative, engaging and well designed ESG Report for a second year running. The report provides our stakeholders with clearly articulated goals and accomplishments that embody decarbonisation powered by waste.

Philip Curds
Head of ESG & Sustainability,


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