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Bringing government and industry together to combat digital exclusion



The FutureDotNow coalition is made up of powerful industry leaders and politicians keen to help the 11.9 million adults in the UK who lack essential digital skills. The diversity of stakeholders was inspiring, but it posed the challenge of keeping everyone working together and in the same direction.


We were ready to keep a lot of plates spinning

Our experience of digital inclusion projects led Lloyds Banking Group to invite us to act as the Brand & Strategy Chair. We knew we needed to produce a modern, versatile brand that would capture attention while balancing the needs of all stakeholders.

We were also aware we had to ensure we had a highly adaptable strategy due to the volatile political situation at the time.


The name of the game was adaptability

We developed a flexible and modern brand. By focussing imagery on the people FutureDotNow was helping, the brand drew constant attention to the cause.

In addition, we responded swiftly to changes in the political landscape so the coalition’s work could continue as rapidly as possible.


FutureDotNow came into its own during COVID-19

FutureDotNow launched in late 2019 to great success. It faced a new challenge in the form of COVID-19 only a few months later. But, because we’d developed a flexible brand and strategy, we were ready to respond to the challenge.

A new campaign called DevicesDotNow was created and publicised within days of the disease taking hold in the UK, with unique but related branding. Its goal was to get digital devices into the hands of the socially isolated and at-risk – a goal it achieved.


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