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Lloyds Bank Academy
Lloyds Bank Academy
Lloyds Bank Academy

Championing digital inclusion for all

Lloyds Bank Academy


Lloyds Banking Group had the ambition and means to vastly expand their digital skills learning. They wanted to help the 17.2 million people in the UK who lack the five essential digital skills needed to thrive in modern life. What they were missing was the specific expertise and reach to make it a reality.


What Six brought to the table

Our experience in creating learning platforms put us in a strong position to help. We saw an opportunity to build an accessible, attractive platform and to offer a full suite of digital inclusion initiatives along with it. However, the question of reach remained unanswered.


Making the most of influential allies

Until, that is, the opportunity to bring on board powerful partners like Google and LinkedIn arose. We were in the process of researching, iterating and testing the online and offline learning. Jumping at the chance to utilise their influence and expertise, we acted as a point of call to streamline the process.

With their input, we worked on the creation of an online hub offering simple, straightforward lessons designed with accessibility and ease of use in mind.


We’ve stayed by their side

Lloyds Bank Academy has become a popular learning hub with all age groups and skill levels. We are continuing to drive forward the partnership, working closely with Lloyds Banking Group to maximise the reach and impact of the learning platform and keep the relationships with the other partners alive and thriving.


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