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S&P Global Commodity Insights
S&P Global Commodity Insights
S&P Global Commodity Insights

Creating the story of energy

S&P Global Commodity Insights


Navigating a changing world

In the world of energy, there’s a key tension affecting the markets: today’s reality of oil and gas versus tomorrow’s need for renewables. Customers need to know about both as they navigate the energy transition and seek out opportunities in a rapidly evolving world. We had to position S&P Global Commodity Insights as the best partner to support them on their journey to net zero and beyond.


Building on a brilliant history

S&P Global Commodity Insights has a strong, historic reputation as the world’s leading provider of energy and commodity price assessments. We had three campaign goals to capitalise on that fact:

1. Build awareness that S&P Global Commodity Insights are perfectly positioned to help their customers navigate the markets of today and tomorrow

2. Talk to the different commodity markets, whatever their stage of the transition journey

3. Show how their existing market-leading and new generation price benchmarks are shaping the future of the markets


Getting ready for what’s next

We put S&P Global Commodity Insights at the heart of the story – literally. The integrated campaign celebrated the ‘story of energy’, demonstrating S&P Global Commodity Insights’ central role in the history of the energy markets, their ever-evolving present, and their future. To inspire their customers to shape the world of today and tomorrow, we delivered five TV and digital ads, a suite of digital banners heroing five different themes, social media posts and dedicated landing pages.


A story of success

Our strategy paid off. Brand exposure grew strongly, and the campaign generated an excellent response – it outperformed the industry norm by a factor of 7x.

We achieved:

  • – 185mil impressions
  • – A sharp increase in brand searches
  • – 5x higher than the industry average click-through rate (CTR)
  • – 136 form completions
  • – 303k digital engagements
  • – 4.8mil video views


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