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Target Group
Target Group
Target Group

Brand transformation: inside and out

Target Group


A target for growth

Target Group specialise in digital and business transformation and came to us with an ambitious growth plan. But to grow their market share in an already competitive market, they needed to stand out. And to do that, they needed to stand for something.

We needed to build a distinctive brand that could build customer loyalty, engage their workforce, attract new talent – and deliver on an ambitious target.


Standing for something different

Target Group was surrounded by competitors all leading with similar service-led propositions. In a sea of sameness, we needed to create cut-through. What makes them unique is their team of dedicated and passionate employees, so this is where we needed to focus and create a brand that could put their talent at the forefront. 


Transforming customer experience

The businesses needed a strong purpose for their customers, employees and investors to get behind. So we captured the essence of who they are, why they exist and crucially - what makes them different. Target Group is on a mission to help organisations deliver the best outcomes for their customers.

Once we’d shaped their brand purpose, we created their brand strategy, values and behaviours and employee value proposition. To help embed their new positioning throughout their workforce, we created a leadership and managers’ programme that focused on behaviours, building trust and storytelling. 

To bring their new positioning to life, we developed a compelling brand narrative and fresh new look and feel that put customers at the heart of everything. From a new logo to a new tone of voice, designed to cut through the market we created a whole new brand identity.


Leading with purpose

Target Group embrace their purpose in everything they do.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Six; their approach from start to finish has been outstanding and exceeded my expectations of what we could achieve as a company.

Matt Davies
HR Director, People Strategy,
Target Group


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