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UWE - More Than a Degree
UWE - More Than a Degree
UWE - More Than a Degree

Bringing a stand-out experience to a saturated market

UWE - More Than a Degree


The University of the West of England had a new identity. But they couldn’t decide how to activate it in a way that would stand out in a fiercely competitive sector and dramatise their ability to provide hands-on experience to students.


What set UWE apart

Thanks to our research, we knew employability was the one key metric by which students measured prospective universities. It’s not enough just to get a degree – they also want to prepare for the world of work. UWE’s strong ties to industry in the South West and vocational background gave them a unique advantage in this field.


Building from a strong foundation

We based our undergraduate recruitment proposition around one idea: More than a degree – a 360º experience. The aim was to show how UWE helped students build their own personal story, guiding them to a more confident and prepared version of themselves ready for the outside world. It was a step change in the way UWE talked to prospective students.


In the end we delivered assets that would work today, and a style that would keep working tomorrow

Alongside a large photoshoot, we created a recognisable and ownable visual style using angled lines that could flex to fit almost any need. We worked collaboratively with UWE’s in-house creative department to roll out the prospectus, producing templates as well as final assets where needed so the team could use them in the future.

And it worked – despite a downward trend in undergraduate application numbers across the sector, UWE saw a 4.76% increase.


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