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Rebranding Verto to Live Zero

Verto homes


Smart home innovators Verto have been leading the way for sustainable housebuilders in South West England. As they celebrated ten years of successful business and strong investor relationships, they decided it was time to take their unique ‘why’ to market and focus more closely on their customers. After all, they’ve never just been about building zero-carbon homes. They’ve always wanted to help everyone lead a more sustainable lifestyle.


They needed a new brand to show what they were all about – that’s where we came in

As usual, we started with strategy. A picture quickly emerged of a forward-thinking brand with immense ambition. Not the ambition to do better for themselves, but the ambition to do better for the world. From our insights, we helped them define their purpose and create a brand framework that would communicate that ambition. A brand that would tell the world exactly who they were and what they wanted to do – and that would invite their customers to join them on their journey.


It all came back to zero

The proposition we built their campaign around was simple: Live Zero. This perfectly marries up their zero-carbon homes with their desire to help everyone live more sustainably. We wrote a manifesto to explain exactly what Live Zero is all about – and that manifesto became the foundations for the brand film you can watch.


A clean, lightweight brand let Verto’s homes speak for themselves

We delivered a beautiful, minimalist brand that truly reflects Verto: smart, vibrant, and so ahead of the game they’re almost magical. Their Tone of Voice was confident and aspirational, ready to meet customers on their level. A clean, modern typeface, unique icons and a colourful palette – tempered with the use of pastels rather than primary colours – were more building blocks in a new Verto brand they could take wherever they were going next.

I could not of dreamt of a better group of people, more imaginative, ardent and enthusiastic about the task of re-branding Verto, than the guys at Six. The Verto team will forever be indebted to the hard work and dedication they all put into re-branding Verto for the next leg of our journey.

Tom Carr


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