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Willis Owen
Willis Owen
Willis Owen

Redefining an established fintech brand

Willis Owen


Willis Owen knew they needed to update their brand to attract a new, younger audience. However, they needed to do so without alienating their current customers, who were used to their current branding.


Getting to grips with a whole new audience

The audience Willis Owen wanted to target were young, time-poor self-investors. To appeal to them successfully, we needed to refresh the brand and build an experience targeted to their goals – an experience that gave them control of their finances.


Our plan revolved around empowerment and trust

We wrote a brand strategy and positioning statement for Willis Owen around the idea of Own your financial future. By highlighting the tools and education Willis Owen offered DIY investors, we helped build a picture of a trusted partner who could challenge the traditional investment model and inspire wider industry change.


Setting Willis Owen up for continuing conversations

Alongside the positioning statement and brand strategy, we supplied a full marketing strategy and communications plan for three years. Using this, Willis Owen could take their redefined brand and continue to speak to their new audience well into the future.


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