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How to lead your business with bravery, resilience and trust

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Leading with bravery, building resilience, and growing trust are important, essential even, for any leaders undergoing business transformation journeys. Because when it comes to staying relevant to your customers and employees, it all starts with purpose and values. 

A large part of our work at Six is helping organisations – and their leaders – define their purpose. It’s not always a simple process, but it’s one we believe is essential if a business wants to be successful, particularly in this post-pandemic climate. To guide leaders on their purpose-driven journey, we’ve created a series of toolkits in collaboration with tml Partners

Toolkit 1

Leading with purpose

Your purpose is defined by your ambitions, beliefs and what excites you. In this toolkit we help you find yours and discover your leadership style through a variety of content and exercises.

Toolkit 2

Leading with a growth mindset

If purpose underpins everything, how do you put it into action? In this toolkit we help you avoid the pitfalls of a fixed mindset and learn how to create a growth mindset culture in your business.

Toolkit 3

Leading with trust

Trust is at the centre of any successful business. Our final toolkit features interviews and survey data from high profile leaders at Ascential PLC, Target Group, TCS, Grant Thornton, and Kelly Deli, who discuss the role of trust in their business.

If you’re interested in attending an event later this year that will cover topics featured in our leadership toolkits, just email to find out more


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